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Leadership Advantage Seminars (L.A.S.)

L.A.S. was created to meet the continuous learning needs of leaders at all organizational levels. The seminars are designed to engage leaders to strengthen their leadership knowledge and skills in an energetic, experiential, and learner-centered environment while encouraging participation in group discussion, application of case studies, and personal reflection.


L.A.S. encourages leaders to share the L.A.S. experience with their direct reports by having them attend as learning partners. A higher ROI on the cost of structured learning is realized when leaders and followers share the same learning environment and experience.

Thought-Leaders and subject experts from various fields and industries facilitate L.A.S. in order to accommodate the need for providers and customers to engage in a common supply chain and foster an eclectic learning community. Thought-Leaders and subject experts have empowered L.A.S. learners in various fields ranging from business, education, psychology, media and much more. One empowered leader who recently attended a seminar proclaimed the value of the L.A.S. format:

"I am glad I was smart enough to bring my whole staff… this was like a retreat with more practical applications; L.A.S. gave us some great tools to work through some issues and feedback about services ideas from attendees that represent our customer base."

Featured Speakers

Reading Minds: Understanding The Affective States Of Others
October 14, 2015

Sherron Lewis, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist whose clinical work focuses on issues of conflict, shame, individuation, personal development, and spirituality. Her areas of specialty are individual, couples, and family therapy, and multi-level intervention and consultation.

Dr. Shelley Stokes is a clinical psychologist who specializes in treatment of personality disorders, family issues, trauma, stress, depression, and workplace dysfunction as related to personality styles. He works with families, couples and individuals, and consults on issues of personal and organizational development.

Generational Diversity in the Workplace
January 13, 2016

Colette Wilson-Nwonye, MA is a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, mentor and an award-winning trainer specializing in career and leadership development with a focus on behavioral interviewing, onboarding, promotional readiness, self-mastery, team development and generational diversity.

Throughout her 26-year career, she has worked in both the private and public sector and currently serves as District I Director for the International Association of Workforce Professional (IAWP), California Chapter, as well as Education Chair, Fresno Chapter. IAWP is a professional organization that offers developmental and educational opportunities to its members.

You Are The Course; Now Teach It and Get All You Ever Wanted!
March 16, 2016

Achieve Peak Performance: Manage Yourself, Not Time! Self and Task Management in the Context of Time
September 21, 2016

People Are Never The Problem – Refuse to play the blame game!
November 02, 2016

Dr. Robert Watts, Jr., has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate consultant, executive coach, and university professor. His expertise as an organizational change/development consultant, executive coach and presenter has enabled him to successfully lead broad-scale and single-subject interventions for a diverse clientele of small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across various industries, as well as non-profit entities, including major colleges, universities (published in seven languages), upon whose principles he launched his consultancy, Watts and Associates, and the Leadership Advantage Seminars (LAS).

THE AMBIDEXTERITY PRINCIPLE: How Great Leaders Create Win-Win Business Solutions Innovation on Business Models
May 18, 2016

Dr. Rod King is a global thought leader on ambidextrous business strategy as well as visual tools for business model improvement and innovation. In particular, Dr. King specializes on the topics of Ambidexterity Principle, Strategy, and OTHER Loop as well as Red Ocean Disruption (ROD) Storyboard. He writes on as well as advises small, medium, and large organizations regarding the pursuit of ideal win-win strategies, solutions, and business models. His ultimate goal is to help organizations rapidly achieve extraordinary profitability and sustainable competitive advantage.

Going Beyond Time Management, A Personal Triumph over Work Related Stress
July 13, 2016

Christina Morris is a local leader and an expert in the subject of customer service. She is respected in her field and other high-ranking executives often seek her input. She has spent time sharing her expertise in the subjects of customer service, operations, servant leadership and efficiency through self-care while working in several industries throughout the last 15 years. Ms. Morris has been fortunate enough to receive top notch advanced training as well as being on the giving and receiving end of mentoring relationships. It is Ms. Morris' pleasure and great honor to share with others the things that she has learned that have helped her gain success. Previous industries include banking, lending, higher education, as well as fleet and facilities cleaning. Ms. Morris also enjoys teaching ballet, jazz and tap dance to children and adults as well as spending time with her two dogs, Sadie and Alyssa.

Seminar Summary and Registration

If you have questions regarding the seminars, you may email info@wattsassociates.org.

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