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Leadership Advantage Seminar Series

Leadership Advantage Seminars (L.A.S.)

Leadership Advantage Seminars (L.A.S.)

L.A.S. was created to meet the continuous learning needs of leaders at all organizational levels. The seminars are designed to engage leaders to strengthen their leadership knowledge and skills in an energetic, experiential, and learner-centered environment while encouraging participation in group discussion, application of case studies, and personal reflection.


L.A.S. encourages leaders to share the L.A.S. experience with their direct reports by having them attend as learning partners. A higher ROI on the cost of structured learning is realized when leaders and followers share the same learning environment and experience.

Thought-Leaders and subject experts from various fields and industries facilitate L.A.S. in order to accommodate the need for providers and customers to engage in a common supply chain and foster an eclectic learning community. Thought-Leaders and subject experts have empowered L.A.S. learners in various fields ranging from business, education, psychology, media and much more. One empowered leader who recently attended a seminar proclaimed the value of the L.A.S. format:

"I am glad I was smart enough to bring my whole staff… this was like a retreat with more practical applications; L.A.S. gave us some great tools to work through some issues and feedback about services ideas from attendees that represent our customer base."

Featured Speakers

Resolving "Scarcity and the Deprivation Cycle"
August 13, 2014
Sherron Lewis, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist whose clinical work focuses on issues of conflict, shame, individuation, personal development, and spirituality. Her areas of specialty are individual, couples, and family therapy, and multi-level intervention and consultation.
Dr. Shelley Stokes is a clinical psychologist who specializes in treatment of personality disorders, family issues, trauma, stress, depression, and workplace dysfunction as related to personality styles. He works with families, couples and individuals, and consults on issues of personal and organizational development.

Conflict and Leadership
October 8, 2014
Donna Howard is a certified mediator with education through Fresno Pacific University's Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, including the Basic Institute in Conflict Management and Mediation. She has obtained practical experience through the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program, Circle of Support and Accountability for registered sex offenders, and private divorce mediations.

Soul Contracts: Discovering and Unlocking Your Divine Leadership Potential
January 14, 2015
Melissa Knight, MAOB is an organizational consultant, trainer and coach and a professor of Women’s Studies. Working with individuals, community organizations, small businesses and corporations, she has helped thousands to reach a higher level of awareness and functioning through personalized mission and vision work, consulting and coaching.

Achieve Peak Performance: Manage Yourself, Not Time!
March 11, 2015

Dr. Robert Watts, Jr., has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate consultant, executive coach, and university professor. His expertise as an organizational change/development consultant, executive coach and presenter has enabled him to successfully lead broad-scale and single -subject interventions for a diverse clientele of small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across various industries, as well as non-profit entities, including major colleges, and universities.

Dr. Watts is also the author of the acclaimed book “People Are Never The Problem- Refuse to play the blame game!” (published in seven languages), upon whose principles he launched his consultancy, Watts and Associates, and the Leadership Advantage Seminars (LAS).

Personal Success through Activities Management
May 13, 2015
Dr. Carl Mack is an associate professor of clinical psychology at Alliant University, Sacramento, CA campus. He is a retired public school superintendent and currently is a member of the governing board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. He is also the founder and principal consultant of Abuya Works, which offer consultancy in the areas of organizational development, executive coaching, change management, and diversity. Dr. Mack served as president of the Board of Directors for Youth in Focus, whose primary mission is to provide urban youths the skills to conduct research on their environment in order to experience their world in new ways and to make informed changes and positive choices in their lives.

Seminar Summary and Registration

If you have questions regarding the seminars, you may email info@wattsassociates.org.

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